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Erythonium ‘Pagoda’

by | Mar 27, 2024 | What's in Bloom | 0 comments

A photo of spiky yellow flower

Erythonium ‘Pagoda’ is an early-spring perennial that can be found growing in meadows or dappled shade of moist woodlands.

It is an ephemeral plant that thrives in moisture, blooming after the snowmelt and going dormant before heat and drought set in. 

The ‘Pagoda’, or its common name ‘trout lily’ is identifiable by its deep green, glossy leaves, which begin in a unique rosebud-like cluster. Each stem can grow to 12″ and produces 3-5  lily-like flowers which hang facing down. The yellow blooms have pointed petals that curve upwards to reveal long, yellow stamens. 

The trout lily is one of the first species to flower in the spring and is a welcomed food source for pollinators and many herbivores. 

This plant can be found growing in the mixed understory in our Rhododendron Walk.