5941 Mason Road, Sechelt, BC   |     FALL HOURS: Friday – Monday, 11am – 4pm   |    Admission by donation; Members are free 

Terms and Conditions

The Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden is a community treasure where visitors can enjoy interacting with nature. As a public attraction, the grounds remain open to visitors during published hours of operation. Because you have chosen to hold your event in the Garden, we know that you respect this and will ensure the Garden is carefully protected and that all Federal, Provincial and local laws are adhered to.

Booking & Damage Deposit

Rentals are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. A non-refundable deposit (equivalent to half of the rental fee) is required to secure a booking. The remaining 50% rental fee is due 14 days prior to the event date. The Security Deposit is due the day of your event.

Set-up & Take-down

Rental period begins when set-up starts and concludes when clean-up is complete and the last event representative is gone. An additional fee of $80/hour will be applied if any rental paraphernalia is left on site after the rental period. Friday and Saturday evening events must end by 1:00 am the following day. Sunday through Thursday events must end by 11:00 pm. The Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society (SCBGS) is not responsible for any items left on the premises after the event.


The renter is responsible for ensuring the site is left in the condition it was found by the end of the contractual rental period. After the event, all floors must be swept (Main Hall, lobby, kitchen and bathrooms) and mopped (if necessary). All kitchen surfaces must be clean and the fridge cleared out. Any necessary additional cleaning will be charged to the Renter at $100/hr.

Garbage & Recycling

The Botanical Garden is striving to be a zero waste venue; to reduce as much as possible the amount of waste we send to the landfill. We ask that you adhere to this objective when planning your event. And, we request that you take every possible step to reduce your impact on the Garden’s natural amenities, by following these guidelines:

Use the bins provided for mixed recycling, organic waste and non-recyclable trash. Please use the appropriate container to dispose of the waste produced at your event.

Take off-site at the end of your rental period ALL foam packaging, soft plastic wrapping, and glass items. These items are not accepted by our recycling provider.

Remove your excess – If your event produces more waste than will fit in the containers provided by the Garden, you must remove any surplus and dispose of it at your own expense.

Waste and trash left behind will result in the forfeiture of a portion of your damage deposit.

Thanks for helping keep the Botanical Garden clean, green and on our zero-waste path.


The Renter is required to have liability coverage specific to the event. A Certificate of General Liability Insurance must be submitted to Garden staff no later than 14 days prior to the event. Individuals or groups should contact their Homeowners, Renters or Business insurance provider for appropriate coverage.


Alcoholic beverages are permitted with a Special Occasion License obtained from any BC Liquor Store.

A copy of the liquor license must be given to Garden staff prior to the event.


No pets except services dogs are allowed on premises.

Guest Behavior

Renter is responsible for all guests’ safety and their appropriate behaviour.

No SCBGS display is to be moved or obstructed without prior consent from Garden staff.

Décor, Tents and Candles

Only smokeless, dripless candles in fireproof containers are permitted in the Pavilion. No open flames are allowed. You may toss flower petals or use bubbles outside, but NOT confetti, birdseed or rice. These products are detrimental to the health of our wildlife. Please do not pick flowers or other vegetation from the Garden.

Nothing may be hung from the fire sprinkler heads. You may hang lightweight décor items from the art rails, staff will supply extra cables. No adhesive tape or pins may be used on any surface of the building.

Placement of tents must be pre-approved by Garden staff at the time of booking, please check with staff to determine if extra set up and take down may be required.


The SCBGS is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, equipment on site before, during and after the rental period. Staff is not available to receive deliveries or coordinate event set-up.


The Garden parking lot holds approximately 65 cars including 2 designated handicap spots.

The Renter is to ensure that the fire lane is not blocked. Additional parking is available on Mason Road.


The Pavilion is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is limited to the brick terrace surrounding the Pavilion.

The Renter is to provide ashtrays and ensure that cigarettes are disposed of responsibly. The Renter is to ensure that no cigarette butts are left on the grounds.

Electrical, Plumbing, Heating

Additional electrical outlets are located on the exterior of the building. The SCBGS assumes no responsibility for failure of the plumbing, lighting and heating systems.


Music is permitted, but may not be amplified over the entire grounds and must not create a nuisance to adjacent neighbours.  There can be no amplified music outdoors after 11 pm.

For further information contact:

Mary by e-mail or telephone: 604-740-3969.