5941 Mason Road, Sechelt, BC  |  SUMMER HOURS: Friday – Tuesday, 11am – 4pm  |  Admission: $5.00/person – Members always welcome

Your donations make it possible to:

  • Offer Programs for all ages

  • Create gardens

  • Pay our mortgage

  • Operate and maintain our Botanical Garden

Can I specify where my money goes?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your specific interests. We can be reached at 604-740-3969 or by e-mail at operations@coastbotanicalgarden.org

What about Corporate giving?

The Sunshine Coast Credit Union has contributed over $40,000 in two years. Other companies have donated in cash donations, store credits, goods donations and in-kind contributions. These donations can be used as marketing expenses for tax purposes.


Receipts are issued for all amounts over $20.00. Receipts for amounts under $20.00 are issued upon request.

Charitable Status

The Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society is a registered non-profit association with charitable status: #859574659RR0001

Other ways to support our work

Adopt a Tree

Many people form a strong connection to trees over time. Our Adopt-a-Tree program is a way to support the garden while attaching a deep meaning to a tree. Your adopted tree could be a memento of a special day (e.g. retirement, wedding, anniversary) or the birth/death of a loved one.

When you adopt a tree, you also support the Garden area surrounding the tree along with the entire Garden. It’s a way to make a gesture today that contributes to the future. A Tree Adoption lasts 20 years, after which you will be given first chance to re-sponsor before it is offered to others.

What You Will Receive

Once your adoption is complete, you will receive:

  • an official donation receipt for tax purposes
  • an Adoption Certificate and map showing the location of your tree
  • a stone placed at the base of the tree with the name of the tree and any words of commemoration or inspiration. (Please note, final wording will be arranged with Garden staff to ensure suitability.)

Several trees and one grove of trees are available for adoption. A Tree Adoption costs $1500.

Please note: Because a tree is a living organism, there is a small chance it may become damaged or diseased, or will need to be removed for safety reasons. Such an event would be compensated by a choice of other trees to complete the adoption term.

For more information about Adopt a Tree contact the Garden office at 604-740-3969 or email operations@coastbotanicalgarden.org

Available for Adoption

Big Leaf Maple (acer macrophyllum)
Linden Tree (Tilia cordata) ADOPTED
Quaking Aspen Grove ($3,000) ADOPTED
Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) ADOPTED
Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) ADOPTED

Himalayan Birch (Betula utilis var. jackquemontii) ADOPTED
Japanese Maple ADOPTED

Adopt a Bench

What’s a Garden without a place to sit?

When you adopt a bench, you help the Garden and all its visitors. There have been five purpose-built benches adopted as of Spring 2021.  Other repurposed chairs and benches have been placed temporarily to give more chances to rest and enjoy the places and views.

You can choose the placement of your bench from a number of choice locations throughout the Garden. A new bench will be  ordered and installed. If desired, your inspiring inscription will be made on the pavers in front of the bench.

Garden visitors and volunteers may pause on your bench for a rest, a picnic, a conversation; to sketch, meditate or just sit and enjoy.

Bench adoption is a one-time cost of $2500 for 10 years. You may renew your bench if desired. We have commissioned a unique wood and metal bench designed fabricated locally from Ventures Fabrication in Gibsons. You will receive an official donation receipt for tax purposes, a digital photo of your bench in situ and any inscription, plus a map showing its location. 

For more information  contact the Garden office at 604-740-3969 or email operations@coastbotanicalgarden.org

Buy a Brick

Share a personal message, commemorate a date, or celebrate someone dear to you – Buy a Brick at the Botanical Garden!

For $250 you can purchase an engraved paver to be incorporated into the patio area surrounding the GardenPavilion.

For each brick you buy you will receive a $200 charitable donation receipt.

For more information  contact the Garden office at 604-740-3969 or email operations@coastbotanicalgarden.org

Ways to support the Garden

Become a Perennial Friend

Our Perennial Friends are so valuable to the Garden. Monthly giving helps us plan ahead and pay off our monthly expenses. Learn how you can support the Garden with a monthly gift.

Make a One-Time Gift

The Garden would not exist without the generosity of our cherished donors. You can dedicate your gift in a loved one’s memory or choose a specific campaign to support. Click here to donate online.

Grow Your Legacy with Us

What you do today will shape your legacy for many years to come. We welcome all who share our mission and values to have a part in the work we are doing today to leave behind for future generations. Click here to learn more about Legacy Giving