5941 Mason Road, Sechelt, BC  |  SUMMER HOURS: Friday – Tuesday, 11am – 4pm  |  Admission: $5.00/person – Members always welcome

If we picture the Botanical Garden as a tree, then donors are the rain and the sun that keep it alive. The vital roots that anchor and feed the tree are our Perennial Friends – donors who commit a monthly amount to offer stable, dependable support for the Garden.


Those predictable funds enable us to budget well and spend responsibly. By providing for the ongoing essentials, Perennial Friends keep the Garden open and available to our members and the community. And to fulfill our mission: “To create a Pacific Northwest Botanical Garden that inspires and engages the community in plant appreciation and acts as a catalyst for learning and research about horticulture, conservation and land stewardship.”

Of course, there are multiple ways of giving that keep the Garden thriving: our growing Endowment Fund at the Sunshine Coast Foundation generates an annual amount; our annual December matched-funds campaign; membership fees and gate donations help, too. And our property-tax exemption from the District of Sechelt is a most welcome annual reminder that local government values the Garden.
The Garden’s donors are visionary – they support the Garden’s plans and projects.

By choosing your monthly amount to give, you become a Perennial Friend of the Garden, part of our root system, making the tree strong, its branches wide and sweeping, its shade nurturing to the ground below and all who enjoy it.

May the Garden continue to inspire your generosity and be worthy of it.