Planning your resilient garden

October 6 – Planning your Resilient Garden in a Changing Climate

If your garden was over-stressed this summer, register for this three-evening class. Instructors Sheila Watkins and Paddy Wales will guide you in planning now, so you will be less stressed next time drought and water restrictions come our way. Dates: Tuesday, September 22nd, Tuesday, September 29th, and Tuesday, October … [Read More...]

Fall at the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden in Sechelt, BC

Fall in the Garden

Fall is in the air and it's a wonderful time to visit the Garden. Come and see: Deciduous trees changing color Busy squirrels, migrating birds, fascinating seeds Giant pumpkins, sunflowers, beehives View from the Welch Rainforest Platform Visit the Native Plant Garden and Rhodo area Participate: Join our Fall … [Read More...]

In the Garden